The Puppy Package

Training for the puppy's first 1.5 years of life.

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Service Description

The Puppy Training package follows the puppy and his or her guardian through the three major phases of a puppy’s first year to year-and-a-half of life; Puppy, Teenager, and Sexual Maturation, along with the three “fear periods” that typically go along with each phase (think of a baby who cries when held by a stranger when they were calm in the same situation a week before.) During the Puppy Training phase, training is focused simply on building the foundation that will allow them to learn more advanced behaviors as they mature. During the Teen phase, we will work with the puppy's growing independence. Here, the focus is on repetition and learning impulse control. During the Sexual Maturation phase, emphasis is placed on socialization and stringing all of the learned commands together. During this time, any of the “Good Dog 15” behaviors that your puppy is still struggling with will be worked on and reinforced. Each training phase lasts between 8-12 weeks, depending on the puppy, with “maturation breaks” built in between sessions. During active working phases, there will be between 1-2 hours of weekly “homework” assigned to work on the skills learned in class, and during maturation breaks there will be weekly check-ins, with assignments given based on the puppy’s progress. ** Teen packages are offered for older puppies who already have some of the basics under their collars, but who may still need to learn some of the skills included in Puppy Training. These programs are typically between 12 and 20 sessions, decided upon at the initial consultation. 12-Month Puppy Program: 6 months of in-home training with 6 months of virtual training and maintenance sessions. Each visit is 40-60 mins depending on the attention span and energy of your puppy. The first sessions will be shorter until his or her “training muscles” get stronger. PUPPY: PHASE 1 - Potty training (if needed) - Bite inhibition - Appropriate Play - Sit - Stay - Name Game - Recall game - Leash Training - Beginning focus - Beginning greetings TEENS: PHASE 2 - Place - Touch - Greetings-advanced - Focus-advanced - Recall training-advanced - Demand barking control - 2 skills of your choice PHASE 3: MAINTENANCE Working on any “ruff” edges and making sure both puppy and human are comfortable using the program in real life. PHASE 4: COMPLETION Generalizing all behaviors, eliminating any remaining unwanted behaviors, and maintaining the program.

Cancellation Policy

Good Dogs Stay requires 24 hour prior notice to the first class for a full refund. After 1st class, refunds will be given if cancelled within 24 hours. private lessons are non refundable in the package however reschedules are welcome. Reschedules on group classes are at trainer discretion.

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