Speaking Loudly Without a Sound

Updated: Apr 15

We all have those moments; we’re trying to make dinner, the phone is ringing, the water is boiling over and, of course, here comes the dog running through the kitchen with your favorite high heel in her mouth. As much as we love them, it's just a natural instinct to yell: "No, Daisy! Not that SHOE!!!!!" Logically you know that when you yell at a dog it only scares them and makes them run, yet as primates we are genetically programmed to holler and throw up our arms. It’s in moments like this that now I can take a deep breath, stay calm, and train my dog. During one of these instances soon after I adopted Daisy, I knew that I had to get HELP!!! If I didn't, Daisy was going to go back to the pound. So to save her, I looked into teaching myself how to talk to her better. I quickly figured out that I didn't speak dog and, unfortunately, Daisy didn't speak English. What was I to do, though? Beat the dog? No, as tempting as it was sometimes, that was not the answer. Re-home her? I didn't want that; I love her! So I set about teaching myself the language of DOG. I needed to learn what it was that she needed to know to be able to understand me. Again, the answer was clear: we both needed to quit talking. Hand gestures are universal. If you need a drink in Paris but don't speak French, you gesture for a cup being tilted up. If you are in Mexico and you need the directions to the restaurant, you would mimic eating. We can speak so loudly to our children with just “the look.” As I figured out how to “talk” to Daisy, I learned to add the word for a command at the END. When we teach dogs with no sound, they are much more likely to hear you. At Good Dogs Stay, we will show you how to speak “Dog”, transforming yours and your dog’s relationship forever.

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