Our Vision:

The vision of Good Dogs Stay and all of our certified trainers is to use education to change the way that dog training is done in all of the Denver metropolitan area communities. We want to make training more gentle and kind, while eliminating the aversion therapies that cause pain and fear to dogs.  

Our Mission:

All of our Certified Dog Trainers show up each and every day with the mission of educating people so that they can better understand and communicate with their pets, encouraging harmony in their homes. Our intention is to create confident and well balanced animals who can enjoy all of the adventures that life with their human families has to offer.

Our Values:


We show up at our clients’ homes with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. We are positive reinforcement trainers, and that carries into our interactions with both our human and canine clients. We use all of the “soft skills'' necessary to empower and support our clients to have the best interactions possible with their dogs. We are respectful in all forms of our communication, whether it be written, verbal, or through our body language and tone. 


We say what we mean and mean what we say. We strive to reach 100% satisfaction with each of our clients, while giving both ourselves and our clients grace for “paw-gress, not perfection.” We continually strive for growth by increasing our toolbox of training methods so that we have multiple options for any circumstance. We acknowledge when we have fallen short and do all in our power to grow and change from those experiences. 


We show up daily with a need to move forward and progress, both personally and professionally. We share ideas even when they are far-fetched. We receive new ideas with a spirit of inclusiveness and the belief that all ideas are valid and worth considering. We don’t fear rejection of an idea even if it isn’t feasible because we know that one idea leads to another, and without ideas the problem will never be solved. 


We are willing to do whatever is necessary to fulfill our obligations to the best of our ability. We are committed to making this a company that grows and strives for the next level of achievement and that does not get complacent in the status quo. We are committed to not giving up. We will work around any obstacle and problem-solve together to make sure that every client and employee is happy to show up.


Within the company, we work together to achieve a fun, happy, and playful environment that relies on each of us to do our part to produce the whole. We respect each other and our opinions and personalities. We pick up the slack where we are needed and support each other in all aspects of work and family. We pay attention to the personal lives and struggles of our co-workers and strive to make the load lighter for each other. We ask ourselves “How can I make your day better?”