Misty Deal


     Misty Deal was always one of *those* children- you know, the kind who drags home every stray creature and critter they run across- much to their parents' chagrin! That all changed when she was ten years old and was bitten by a fearful dog, which sadly caused Misty to then become fearful of dogs herself. As she grew a bit older, though, she had the realization that most dogs only bite out of fear or anxiety, not because they are aggressive or “mean.” Armed with that understanding, along with her life-long love for animals, she knew that she could help dogs who were fearful or hurting emotionally learn to function better and more safely in a home environment. Once she figured that out, Misty was set on her life’s path, never to look behind her!


    Misty’s philosophy around working with dogs is that we all -human and dog - want the same thing, which is to live in harmony with others without pain or fear. She knows she can’t tackle helping the whole human race, but is confident that she can make an impact on the dogs and their human families in the Denver metro community. She keeps her pricing affordable because she feels that if more families can afford proper training for their dogs, it is ultimately better for everyone. 


    Actively training dogs and learning about animal behavior since 2012, Misty gained her credentials in Service Dog Training from the Barbara Heidelman Master Class in 2012, as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from Catch Canine Academy in 2020, and also completed her Master Class Certification from Mike Shikaciou’s Aggressive Dog Training in 2020. 


    Though Misty professes to do nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe dogs and dog training, in reality, she also takes pride in parenting her beautiful daughter, Marijayne, and enjoys hitting a few balls around a pool table on occasion.